Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to Base-ics #1

It's that in between-y time of year again when it's not quite Spring but Christmas seems like a distant memory. The time of year when I love nothing more than a bit of 'freshness'. A bit of tidying here, a smidge of organising there and just generally getting things in tip-top order.
With this in mind, I've decided to pep up the core products in my beauty arsenal as I'm just not really in love with the current line-up. Maybe its the changing weather (for those of you outside of the UK think snow, blustering wind, fog and a permanent dampness in the air) that's making my skin unhappy, but most of the products I am currently using were purchased over the summer and as a result just aren't cutting the mustard anymore.
Courtesy of Father Christmas (thanks Mum) I found myself with a giftcard for House of Fraser that I was itching to spend and after perusing the website I settled upon these two much raved about products from Nars 

*drumroll please*

Please excuse the strange shape of the bottle - my camera is at uni so I'm having to make do with my iPhone!

Say hello to the NARS Laguna Bronzer and NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (in Medium 2/Sante Fe), not that you need introducing. The name Sheer Glow always put me off giving this foundation a go as I have combination/oily skin that needs at least a medium coverage and doesn't need extra glowiness! The reviews were too good not to at least try it though and I'm pleased to report that initial impressions are very good. A thin layer applied with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush gave me a medium coverage that could easily be built up to full and a nice dewy, but not greasy look - why is the name so misleading?? I then proceeded to pop some Laguna Bronzer on top and OH MY. For someone that is renowned for not having a dainty hand, you literally can do no wrong with this one. Other bronzers I've applied in the past can go from invisible to dirty/orange in a few strokes but this one looks so natural and beautiful with very little skill required. 

I'll report back next week when I've had a chance to give it a full roadtest, but I'm impressed from the off :)

On a side note, and for any other students on a budget out there, I got 10% at House of Fraser through the Unidays app, which is free to download and use, all it requires is for you to sign up through your university or school email address to get access to loads of great discounts. Take a look here.

Are there any other 'holy grail' products you think I should try out? Or any other NARS products you'd recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

PLEASE NOTE: All views, opinions and photos are my own. I purchased these products myself and in no way am I sponsored or paid to promote or discuss brands, companies or products mentioned in this post. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to Set Goals and Achieve Your Dreams

Following on from my last post, I thought I'd share my tips and tricks on how to set AND achieve your goals. It's one thing striving for something, but unless we hold ourselves accountable and stay on track along the way it can be incredibly difficult to ever get there. 

Image from Pinterest

Make it realistic
Your goals should be achievable. This doesn't mean you have to undersell yourself and only strive for something that seems relatively do-able, but try not to bite off more than you can chew as it will leave you feeling discouraged and unmotivated after the initial inspiration has faded. If you feel it's too easy, push yourself a little, if it's too hard, just tweak it a little! You're the boss on this one, don't be afraid. 

Set yourself a timeframe
Try not to be too strict with yourself here, the important bit is to set yourself small, easy to manage steps. Give yourself a rough estimate of how long it will take to get to your main goal and work backwards from there. What do you need to accomplish each day, week or month in order to put yourself a step closer to your goal? Set yourself a series of mini-goals and the overall task won't seem quite so daunting.

How are you going to stay motivated?
When the going gets tough (which will inevitably happen along the way), how are you going to find the inspiration to keep going? Here are a few general ideas that are applicable to almost any goal: 
  • Create a motivation board either on your bedroom wall or pinboard, or through a website like Pinterest. Grab lots of bright and colourful images and stick 'em up all over the place, preferably somewhere you'll see them everyday to keep your mind focussed!
  • Find inspirational accounts on Instagram and Twitter, simply search for a few relevant hashtags like #fitness or #healthyeating and fill your feeds with positive energy.
  • Google quotes that motivate you and jot them down on sticky notes. Pop them on doors, your fridge, your cat and everytime you pass them, recite the quote to yourself.
Reward yourself along the way
Each time you get a mini-goal ticked off, treat yourself. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend money on buying yourself presents, especially if your goal is a money saving one. But remember to celebrate each step along the way,you're one step closer to achieving your dream!

These are just my tips on how to reach your goals, I think at times we all need a little help and support trying to achieve things that seem impossible, got any top motivational tricks and advice? Share it in the comments!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Goals for 2015

Image from Pinterest

With 2015 quite literally hours away, I thought now would be a good time to set out my goals for the year ahead. For me, 2014 has been a year of pretty big change, moving away from home to start university. Whilst I wouldn't say I feel fully settled in yet, I definitely feel in a position now to focus on getting back to the daily routine I had over the summer before I started uni. So here are my goals for 2015:

Get back to the gym
Ok so don't judge me for putting the most stereotypical New Year's Resolution at the top of my list! But from past experience I can truly say that I feel my happiest both physically and mentally when I have a regular routine of exercising . I love putting a good playlist on and just switching off for a bit! Whilst I don't love getting out of bed the next morning and avoiding stairs for the rest of the week it's definitely worth it.

Eat healthier and drink more water CONSISTENTLY
So here's the thing, I'm not too bad at forcing myself to the gym, but somewhere along the line a productive gym session turns into a valid reason to treat myself to naughty food (read pizza and/or ice cream). In 2015 I really want to get hot on meal planning and being CONSISTENT at eating nourishing food and drinking plenty of water. It's not rocket science but in order for exercising to have any real benefits I need to set myself up to succeed.

Read more books for pleasure
This is a bit of an odd one really as I love to read books. Yet in recent months I really have't so much as sniffed a book. I think in part this is down to the fact that I took A-Levels that involved lots of reading as part of the course and for exams etc. so reading became more of a chore than something I enjoyed. So I want to rekindle my love for good books and make time to read a little before a bed at least a few nights a week.

Grow this blog
Blogging has been something that I have tried many a time before but never really stuck too. I seem to have talked myself out of it, even though the desire to carry on has remained much the same. But over the next year I want to focus on creating my little corner of the interweb into a place where I share my thoughts and advice with you as I continue to experience lots of new things!

There we go, that's a nice neat list of goals to tackle in 2015! It doesn't seem quite so challenging written down...

 I hope everyone is looking forward to the year ahead :)
Aletia x

<3 What are your goals for 2015? Share in the comments down below <3

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